Impact Future Generations: Become a Workshop Coach

God intended families to be multi-generational, but that message has often gotten lost in our present world. The 7th Gen Workshop Coach program exists to help raise up new leaders who can expand the reach of this message through our family legacy workshops.

Come explore more of how you can join in becoming a certified workshop leader to equip families for generational success.

About the Workshop Coach Certification

By becoming a 7th Gen Workshop Coach, you will be equipped to lead our workshops and support families growth. From bringing training to your community to your business networks, this can have a far reaching impact.


The Workshop Coach Certification Process

To become a coach, we have a dedicated training program that includes:

  • Online training calls
  • In-person training gathering with role-playing, teaching, and material review
  • Ongoing individual coaching follow up
  • Co-led event training

Through the process, the goal is to help you absorb the material and step into co-leading opportunities until you are ready for a full launch.

How We Support Workshop Coaches

Once you are fully certified as a coach, you can begin leading your own workshops as part of 7th Gen. We will help you launch and grow by:

  • Providing event materials
  • Supporting with registration & contact management
  • Ongoing coaching support for questions
  • Renewal training

Connect with us to learn more about how we can support you.


Connect to Family Resources

We know the journey to multi-generational family involves many steps, so let us help support you. Beyond just our workshop coaching, we provide many other ways to serve families from online training to in-person consulting.

Interested in Becoming a Family Workshop Coach?

If you want to learn more about becoming a coach, please reach out with your questions. We look forward to connecting.

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