Start a Path for Generations at a Family Legacy Workshop

Seven generations from now, where would you want your family to be? If you want to see your family still walking in biblical values and pursuing God’s purpose, you need a clear path and intentionality now.

This is where the 7 Generation Family Legacy Workshop comes in to help you and your family with a foundation to build from and the strategies to move forward. Let’s journey together!


What You’ll Learn at the 7 Generation Family Legacy Workshop

Through this 24-hour experience, we want your family to gain key insights and tools to shape your next steps. You’ll learn more about things like:

- A new understanding of the biblical purpose of family

- A framework to guide your family communication

- Creating your vision, mission, and values statements to guide generations

- Practical tools to begin implementing these concepts

No matter the stage your family is at, you will find applicable teaching and insight for all life seasons. You’ll walk out with a plan you can continue to grow and refine.

Are You Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

If you want to bring this workshop experience to your own network, we welcome the opportunity to serve families with you.

What to Expect at a Family Legacy Workshop

At this family workshop, we take a hands-on approach so you will learn from teaching, group interactions, and guided discussion. Here’s a little bit more of what the experience will look like:

  • Interactive teaching sessions from biblical principles
  • Group learning and dedicated question time
  • Homework and guided materials for your application and future plans
  • Personality profile review for communication strategies
  • Purposeful interaction with other families
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Hear What Others Are Saying About the Family Legacy Workshops

What a great opportunity to work on this together as a couple and thinking about how we can pass on our values for thousands of years is very exciting!
Gary Family
So glad to have talked about our common vision and mission. The family legacy workshop was incredibly enlightening. We learned about the biblical meaning of family and how to implement our vision for generations to come. Highly recommend this workshop!
Foy Family
It's been great taking the time as a couple together to craft a vision and mission. We are so excited to go back home and implement what we've learned today at the family legacy workshop.
Spencer Family
The family legacy workshop was absolutely life-changing! We don't really think about what's next and how our current values will go all the way down to even seven generations. This workshop helped us figure out how to ensure our legacy gets passed on. God is THE generational guide!
Martinez Family

Renew Your Family to Its Biblical Purpose

The fundamental mistake we see families make simply is to continue to wait. No matter the challenges your family may be facing, choosing to take the next right step is the best thing you can do.
Your family needs a clear path and intentionality, so let’s start that journey together. 

You can change the trajectory for generations.

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