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How we can help your family thrive

At 7th Gen Consulting, we are here to give you the tools your family needs to live generationally with biblical values. We also understand every family situation is unique, so our services are designed to meet your family where it is at and to navigate the journey together.

We provide workshops, on-site consulting and coaching, and other custom opportunities for your family’s next steps. Learn more below.

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Family Legacy Workshops

What is the purpose of family? This hands-on workshop will help you discover a biblical answer. Once inspired by the vision of God’s design for the family, we then break it down into concrete steps:

  • How to define your family values
  • How to set your family vision
  • How to write a compelling family mission

Families walk away with their personal values, vision, and mission statements better equipped to engage and lead their families toward God’s best for them and those they serve.

On-Site Engagements

When it comes down to what’s most important for family, so many people feel stuck and discouraged. Sometimes we need a trusted coach to come alongside and help. We provide that help through Family Consultations and Family Summits.

These on-site engagements include:

  • Engaging the entire family in the vision, mission, and values conversation
  • Assessing relational health
  • Reviewing governance structures and charitable giving
  • Opening a channel for stories of inspiration and celebration

You don’t have to figure this out all by yourself. Invite one of our experienced coaches to journey with you and your family to build a legacy that makes a difference.

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Family coaching often follows the workshop or an on-site family engagement. Coaching is built around powerful questions that bring clarity to not only your vision, mission and values - but also to how your family will practically move forward.

We'll help you address questions like these:

  • What would vision accomplishment look like?
  • What obstacles are standing in the way that must be overcome?
  • What could you do to move forward?

Our coaches walk with you to see the picture of God’s better future, get a reality check on where you are today, and construct a map to get you and your family moving.



Starting with our Family Legacy Workshops, we train people who’ve experienced the power of generational health and blessing in their own families to empower others to do the same. Our Workshop Certification program will train you to:

  • Effectively lead the Family Legacy Workshop through a process of study, practice, mentorship, evaluation, and feedback
  • Gain confidence in the biblical, historical, governance, and relational materials that are foundational to the workshop.
  • Continue growing in the skills of a coach and consultant through additional certifications.

These facilitator training cohorts are available to a limited number of participants. To learn more about enrolling, email Tom, Director of Training, at


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