Start Building a Multi-Generational Family

God intended families to be a tool of redemption as they pass on values from one generation to the next. So what impact will your family have in the generations to come?

Come explore our online workshop experience where you will tackle these questions and craft your own plan to help your family win today and for generations.


About the Online Family Workshop

We understand that sometimes just knowing where to start can be the challenge that keeps families from moving forward, so this workshop was designed to give you practical teaching, application, and insight from other families around you.

In this workshop, you will learn more about:

  • God’s purpose for families
  • How to build understanding 
  • Creating your own values as a family
  • A key tool to bring unity and growth to your family

With this quick online format, you’ll find simple ways to get your family’s journey started. 

No matter the stage your family is at, you will find applicable teaching and insight for all life seasons. You’ll walk out with a plan you can continue to grow and refine.

Looking for an opportunity to go even deeper? 

Explore more about our in-person 24-hour intensive workshops here.

What to Expect at the Online Workshop

This event is held online for three hours on two days. You can participate from the comfort of your home and follow along with the application guide you will receive. Here’s what the event will look like:

  • 6 practical training sessions
  • Dedicated working time to apply the concepts
  • Interactive moments with other families on the same journey
  • Clear homework and application to inform your next steps
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Let's Start the Journey to Lasting Generations

It's never too late to invest in your family. Sign up today and you'll find easy, applicable next steps. We are here to walk with you.

You can change the trajectory for generations.

Bring This Event to Your Network

We make these online experiences available to a variety of organizations. If you are interested in hosting an online workshop for your own business, church, or other network, please reach out to us to discuss the opportunity.