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“The 7 Generation Family Workshop”


Does your family have a vision you pursue together? What about an intentional way to meet and gather as a family? Or are you maybe beginning to feel the effects of division?
That is why in this FREE 2-Day Virtual Workshop we will help you:
- Craft a family vision
- Unite with a powerful mission
- Unlock strategies to living as a prioritized family 
Sign up today so your family can win for generations to come.

Next Workshop Dates

August 19 & 20

12-3 PM Eastern





Here's What We'll Cover

Why do we do this thing called family? (understanding the biblical purpose of family)

Why do we break apart? (family communication as the first step to success)

Why do we drift? (creating values as an anchor for your family)

Why do we quit? (creating vision for your family)

What is our daily duty? (creating a mission for your family)

How do we live out values, vision, and mission? (the practice of generosity)


This family building workshop can enhance the future of your family now and for generations to come!


Next Workshop Dates

August 19 & 20

12-3 PM Eastern

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What Makes Our Event Different?

We deliver a transformational family-building strategy that will give you clarity and unity when it comes to creating values that last, connection and enhanced communication!

We create an environment for you to connect with like-minded families and deepen the bonds within your own.

We give you powerful resources and insights that you can reference again and again!

At our event, we focus on principles that will bring you real results in shaping a lasting family legacy! 

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Your Hosts


Brandon Schaefer


Brandon is a seasoned coach with a wealth of expertise garnered from his association with Five Capitals, coupled with a profound understanding of the intricacies of family legacy dynamics. His multifaceted background, spanning International Business, Agricultural Business, and Strategic Marketing, uniquely positions him to guide families towards cohesive, purpose-driven lives. As a fervent advocate for leadership development, Brandon adeptly merges his vast professional insights with a heartfelt commitment to core family values. This harmonious fusion of knowledge and passion underscores his indispensable role at 7th Gen Consulting.








Bill High


Bill is synonymous with three core values: Family, Legacy, and Generosity. He's facilitated workshops nationwide, focusing on the essence of family legacy and redefining its biblical meaning. Initially practicing law at a prominent Kansas City firm, Bill later founded one of the U.S.'s largest Christian foundations. He then pivoted to specialize in family legacy consulting. An accomplished author, one of his notable works is "Leadership NOT by the Book," co-written with David Green. At 7 Generation Legacy, Bill is renowned for assisting families in crafting enduring multi-generational legacy plans.


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